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        Jake Justice is his real name.  No, it really is…What’s also real is his passion for music.  Starting out as a childhood piano prodigy, Justice navigated through early influences like Chopin, Debussy, & Rachmaninoff (please google) and graduated to 70’s soul. 

       Raised in a strict Mormon household in Southern California, Justice had to balance music and mission work.  It wasn’t easy, but challenges tend to make people stronger and work harder which is what he did.  He was accepted to the prestigious music program at Brigham Young University and quickly formed a campus funk-rock band called “The Strike” which had local success opening for the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jepson and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inducted band Chicago.  Justice graduated from BYU and left behind Mormonism and Utah to embark on a new mission to become a multiple musical threat: producer, dj, and songwriter.  So far, so good. 

       Moving to Los Angeles and moving from couch to couch, Justice found friends within the musical community.  He started gigging, and whatever the venue or artist needed, Justice could deliver (and he could deliver Justice).  He started DJ’ing for fun, but anyone can turn a knob and mix a song or two together.  Justice upped the ante, whipping out his Keytar and inserting originals into the mix.  He was unique, he is unique.  

       As a solo artist, Justice has opened for Mike Posner, Afrojack, The Piano Guys, and has performed at the MGM Grand, Hollywood Bowl, the Wynn Casino, the Friars Club in NYC and venues throughout the country. Befriended by pop artist Maty Noyes (Kygo’s “Stay”), Justice went on to open for her promotional tour and was hired to do an official remix for her solo debut single “Say It To My Face” on LAVA/Republic. In March 2018, he made his festival debut at Ultra Miami, opening for David Guetta, Kaskade, The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, and many of the top DJ's on the planet.

       Helping others is part of his ethos, but 2018 is all about Justice.  He recently released his first single, "Drown It Out," an EDM-pop anthem with reggaeton vibes inspired by his newlywed wife, Kia.  In true storybook fashion, they fell in love at first sight, got engaged 2 months after meeting each other, and married 2 months later.  A true romantic he is…

       True Justice is blind.  Jake Justice can see his future: writing, remixing, DJ’ing, and spending time with his muse Kia and their cat Starr.  There is definitely room for 2 stars in the family.




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